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September 5, 2011

in Invest 95L

A new tropical wave has been spotted by the National Hurricane Center about 500 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.  

Invest 95L Satellite Imagery

Invest 95 L on Satellite Imagery, click to enlarge

Currently it is producing some clouds and thunderstorms, and environmental conditions are favoring some development as this system moves to the west.  There is a twenty percent chance that this storm will become a tropical cyclone in the next two days, but there is a lot of time for it to develop.  It is heading on a more southerly path than Katia and Irene did making this a bit more interesting long term for the US Coast if something should develop.  At this point its way to early to know if this will develop into anything, and if it develops into something where it will go.

Where is Invest 95L Going?

Once again its way to early to tell where INVEST 95L is going, but the latest computer models are below.

invest 95l model plot track

Invest 95L on the latest models, click to enlarge

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