Invest 95-L now 90% Chance of Tropical Activity

September 6, 2011

in Invest 95L

Invest 95L has been given a 90% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours, and the national hurricane center believes a tropical depression may have formed.  

invest 95l on satellite ir

Invest 95L on Satellite

The system is currently 750 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands moving to the west or west northwest at 15 miles per hour.  The National Hurricane Center anticipates issuing advisories on Invest 95L as a tropical depression later today.  Some very nice activity is clearly visible on the latest rounds of Satellite images and this may be the next contender for the next hurricane to threaten the United States.  It however is still very early to tell where it is going, and how strong it will get.  Below I have attached some model runs on the strength and path of Invest 95L.  While these can be used as a guide, this is still very early on and should really not mean much other than this storm should be watched closely.

how strong will invest 95l get

How Strong Will Invest 95L get? (click to enlarge)

where will invest 95 go

The model plot of where invest 95 might go... (click to enlarge)

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